Auto Caramelino

Sex: feminized autoflowering
Genotype: Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis
Cross: Caramelino x Ruderalis
Indoor flowering period: 7-8 weeks
Outdoor harvest time: 11 weeks
Indoor yield: 450 g/m2
Outdoor yield: 60-150 g/plant
Height: 80-150 cm
T: Very High
C: Low

Caramelino is available as feminized photoperiod and feminized autoflowering strain. This version is feminized autoflowering. The seed being feminized, it will most likely develop into a female plant, that is known for producing high quality T rich buds. Because it is autoflowering, it will automatically start the flowering phase, based on its age, so there is no need for any new lighting schedule. Autoflowering strains tend to deliver yield much quickly and grow more discreet.


Its genotype is a mixture between sativa, indica and ruderalis. Ruderalis is the main reason this plant grows shorter in size and delivers yield quickly. The main ancestor of this plant is our original Caramelino, that has been bred with an unknown ruderalis. Some of the other famous ancestors of this strain, that can also be found in its family tree, are Cream Caramel, White Rhino and White Widow. Its ancient ancestors are Afghani and Indian indica and Brazilian sativa.


Auto Caramelino can be grown indoors or outdoors. The flowering period indoors ends after 7 to 8 weeks. The plants usually produce up to 450 grams per square meter. The harvest time outdoors is around 11 weeks after planting the seed. A single plant can produce from 80 to 150 grams. Outdoors, due to the large size of the central bud it can have problems with mould in humid climates.


Buds can contain a pretty high amount of T – around 17 % can be expected. The sweetness of the Caramelino crossed with sticky resinous buds of the Deimos have created an autoflowering strain of superior character. The taste of Caramelino is often described as chocolate mixed with pines. Aromas of this strain is tropical. Its relaxant effect makes it perfect for an afternoon of movie watching, since indica side of this strain will make sure to leave you sleepy and hungry.

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Auto Caramelino

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