Auto Original Berry

Sex: feminized autoflowering
Genotype: Sativa/Indica/Canadian Ruderalis
Cross: Canadian Ruderalis x Original Berry
Indoor flowering period: 7-8 weeks
Outdoor harvest time: 10-11 weeks
Indoor yield: 400 g/m2
Outdoor yield: 50-170 g/plant
Height: 80-180 cm
T: Very High
C: Medium

Auto Original Berry strain is available as feminized photoperiod, or as feminized autoflowering seed. This one is feminized autoflowering, meaning the plant will most likely be a female, and it will automatically begin the flowering phase. Automatic feminised varieties have several advantages above light cycle dependent (photoperiod) feminised varieties: they produce yield faster, meaning you can have multiple harvests per year, they are more discreet and smaller in size.


Auto Original Berrys genotype is a mixture of sativa, indica and ruderalis. The ruderalis genetics contributed the fast yield and smaller size. Some of its ancestors are Afghani indica, Thai and Mexican sativa, Temple Flo and Original Blueberry. The final cross, that resulted in this strain was between our Original Berry and Canadian Ruderalis. The plants still carry most of the Berry characteristics, so the phenotype is distinctive Berry. In every aspect Auto Original Berry is a true cosmopolitan.


It can be grown both indoors, and outdoors. The indoors variety is an amazing alternative to growing from clones. They finish the flowering period after 7 to 8 weeks. In this time, they usually produce around 400 grams per square meter. Outdoors, the flowering phase end 10 to 11 weeks after planting the seed. A single plant can produce from 50 to 170 grams. They can reach from 80 to 180 centimetres, depending on the space and conditions they are given.


Most plants display the famous light blue/purple colouring, characteristic of Berry. Smell and taste are sweet and fruity (blueberry). The strength and quality of the high/stone is above moderate. The resin covered buds can contain a very high amount of T and a medium amount of C.

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Auto Original Berry

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