How tall does Amnesia Haze grow?

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How tall does Amnesia Haze grow?



Amnesia Haze is a wonderful sativa dominant strain, that produces big yield rich in THC. But how tall does this beauty really get? In this article we have gathered some tips and information about growing Amnesia Haze and about its heights. Later on, we also compare the photoperiod and autoflowering version.



About Amnesia Haze


Amnesia Haze height


Amnesia Haze is a sativa dominant strain, that originates from Laos and Jamaican sativa, Hawaiian indica and sativa hybrid and the legendary Afghani indica. This strain really packs some top quality genetics, and the awards it has won, can speak for that. It has won first place in 3 different cannabis contests in Netherlands. The buds can contain up to 25 % of THC and 0.9 % of CBD. They have sweet and spicy taste and musky aroma.




Growing Amnesia Haze


This strain can be grown indoors or outdoors. For photoperiod version, the difficulty level of growing it is medium. The tricky part when growing this strain can be long flowering phase, that is typical for sativa dominant strains. Indoors, it ends in 10 to 13 weeks. In that time, the plants will produce from 600 to 800 grams per square meter. Outdoors, the harvesting time is around October, and a single plant can produce 1000 to 1500 grams. Keep in mind that those numbers can only be achieved when plant is grown in ideal conditions.


Amnesia Haze height - 2 weeks


To make sure your yield becomes as big as it can, choose a growing medium, that has light texture, so the roots can spread easily and that they get enough air. Make sure you are growing in a pot that drains well, so you will not “drown“ your plant. Over watering your plant can cause a lack of nutrients, root rot and even death of the plant. Make sure to add the right amount of nutrients – stick to the charts provided on the bottle or packing, and keep out an eye for pH level. This usually depends on the medium you choose, but the ideal pH level is around 5.8 to 6.3 (for soil). The plant will also need the right amount of light and because this is photoperiod version, you will need a lighting schedule, if you grow indoors.


Because Amnesia Haze can produce a massive yield, you should provide the branches extra support if needed, so the branches won’t break.



How tall does Amnesia Haze grow?


Amnesia Haze reaches medium to tall in heights. Now, this really does not give any particular number or idea on how much one can expect this strain to grow. That is because so many factors impact this, so it is hard to say how your Amnesia Haze will turn out.


Factors affecting how tall does Amnesia Haze grow

  • Genetics and genotype – the genotype of the strain can greatly impact the height of your plant. Because this strain is mainly sativa, you can expect tall and narrow plant. So you can expect Amnesia Haze to be taller than some other indica dominant strains, that are usually bushier and not as tall.
  • Growing method – the growing method you pick will greatly impact the height of your Amnesia Haze plant. Plants tend to grow slower in soil, and faster in hydroponic systems.
  • Place of growing – whether you choose to grow indoors or outdoors, both have its pros and cons. Growing indoors gives your plant more protection, and you have more control when it grows. But indoors, you are usually limited in space. Outdoors, there are many factors that can reduce your plants growth, such as weather, pests, soil quality and many more. But, outdoors, the plant usually takes more time to grow, so it can grow taller, and it is not as limited in space as it would be indoors, so its branches can spread more widely.



Growing Amnesia Haze vs  Auto Amnesia Haze


There is not much difference when you are growing Amnesia Haze photoperiod version or autoflowering version when it comes to the growing method, watering, fertilizers and other. But the main difference will be, that autoflowering version will have a quicker and shorter life cycle. Autoflowering strains start flowering phase on its own, based on its age. Auto Amnesia Haze ends its flowering phase in 7 to 8 weeks indoors, after planting it and produces around 400 grams per square meter. Outdoors, it will finish the flowering period in 11 weeks after planting it and produce up to 200 grams per plant. It can reach anywhere from 70 to 160 centimetres in heights.


Amnesia Haze strain   Auto Amnesia Haze strain



Does the height of the Amnesia Haze depend on my skills?


The height of Amnesia Haze – and every other strain, can somehow depend on your skills. If you are a new grower and are not trying your best to get the best plant possible, and you are growing just because, you are more prone to make more mistakes, that will impact the height of your plant. But keep in mind that not all depends on your skills, it is also in the genetics, and many other factors.



Is yield size of Amnesia Haze related to its heights?


Not really. You can also have a small plant with very dense buds. Yes, if a plant is taller it has more base to produce more yield, but it is not the main factor when it comes to the yield size.





In conclusion, Amnesia Haze is amazing sativa dominant strain, that produces pretty big yield. If we sum up, there are many factors that will impact the height of your plant.


Sometimes, you can do everything in your power, so the plant would get as tall as possible, but still. We are talking about nature. What are your preferences? Do you like smaller or taller plants? Let us know down below.





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