Northern Light Cannabis Seeds 101

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Northern light cannabis seeds 101


Northern Light is without doubt one of the world's most coveted strains. Hailing from the Afghani heritage this marijuana seed has been the best hybrid when combined with Indica seeds. Its popularity rose in the middle of the eighties and was soon crossed and later bred with several other seeds. After its breeding it was observed that all it's offspring were rich in THC which is a great sign!


Since then, adorers of the original plant have shared it vigorously. Nobody can tell who, where is still in possession of the original ones. The original plants were not called Northern Light but were in fact named, Indica. These plants despite having different crosses, turned out to be of the same physical structure. They are generally short with leaves observed to be broad with feathered ends. Across the crosses the color is seen to be a dark green.


In its history, Northern Light has remained in the limelight! It has given tough competition to all the other strains by winning several competitions. The winning streak got too much to bear for some which lead people to not only wish silently but voice their concerns for it to be retired just so the other strains could get a chance at winning. The first award was garnered in 1990- High Times Cannabis Cup and then the same award was garnered in the preceding years along with other awards.


In today's cannabis world you can find the seeds in many different variants but the ones in question are Feminized and Auto Flowering. These two variants are quite different from each other, let's take a closer look at what each of them are.



Feminized Seeds


Feminized seeds as the name suggests, completely female. You will not find any male chromosomes in these. The female plant is very coveted as it is a bud producing plant. In addition to that, feminized plants have considerably higher quantities of THC and CBD. Users and experts have also observed it is more potent as compared to other variants. Despite many benefits of the feminized seeds it is no secret that they are very demanding and can eat up a lot of your time.



Autoflowering Seeds


Autoflowering seeds are seeds that are most commonly a selection of beginners as they are much easier to bloom. You won't have to work exceptionally hard to cultivate them. Auto flowering seeds do not require a light cycle or perhaps a shift of the light cycle and bloom on their own. This is the meaning behind the name- the flower automatically. The environment is not a stimulus to their flowering which makes it a lot easier to cultivate them.


Differences Between Feminized And Auto Flowering Seeds




Auto Flowering Seeds


Moderately Easy

Extremely Easy


Small To Medium



Up to 4 weeks after plantation

One complete light cycle

Complete Cycle

8-12 weeks

12-20 weeks


Up to Medium

Up to Large

Required Space

Up to Medium

Up to Large



Pros And Cons Between Feminized And Auto Flowering Seeds

Know that you know what the two categories are, it is important for you to know the pros and cons between the two. This will help you make a better decision.




  • These plants almost always produce female parts.
  • They are very cost effective as you don't have to spend a lot of money for their upkeep.
  • The End result is rewarding


  • Since there are no male parts, you will not be able to produce seeds. All you will get is dank buds.
  • Can cause loss by turning into hermaphrodites.


Auto Flowering


  • Does not require a lot of space
  • Very convenient for beginners
  • No changes needed in the light cycle
  • Has higher percentage of CBD


  • They do not yield as compared to other variants
  • It is not easy to clone them
  • Have a lesser count of THC and is not very strong

These two variants can easily be seen in the infamous Northern Light seeds. Since Northern light is a very popular strain, its variants are highly popular two. Let's dive into more details of the two variants of Northern Light.



Northern Light Feminized


Northern light feminized seeds Victory Seeds


The feminized Northern Light strain is dominant with Indica. Its seeds are told to yield a strong effect. This strain is crossed with the Afghani Indica. With the two combined, this seed is off the charts. These plants can be cultivated easily without making a scene. Its small size and odorless cultivation makes it very feasible to grow. Since it is feminized which as discussed earlier does not produce any male parts.

It is because of it's feminized nature that these seeds are cultivated much quicker. The flower within the time period of 45-55 days. If you are someone who is looking for quicker results. this seed will give you exactly that. Moreover it's THC count is 20% while the CBD count is 0.75% respectively.




This plant is short since it takes on the genes from the Indica strain. On an average this plant grows to be of 100-120cm. However, if they are grown in the outdoors, they can be taller. The tallest height recorded is 220 cm. On appearance the plant is very bushy with several branches sticking out. The leaves are found to be broad with fingered leaves. The buds on the other hand are solid before the flowering period. Once the flowering period is over, the buds get covered in sticky resin.


The best places for the Feminized Northern Light to grow are warm and sunny places. The counties where summers are long and warm, are the best places for this seed to cultivate. If not that, these seeds are straight forwards and can be cultivated in a greenhouse or indoors. When cultivated indoors the strain yields around 600-700g/m2. On the other hand, when it is cultivated indoors, its yield can stay to 600g.


Many people have also discovered that they are compatible with different training systems which makes cultivating them very easy and convenient.



Strain Effects

Users have instantly linked it's effects to that of the Indica. The effect can be registered as creativity inducing and relaxing. The effects are also described as strong and well balanced without it being overpowering. In addition to that, it gives a head stone feeling along with a peak in the cerebral buzz.



Why It Is Preferred?

Even in its history, Northern light has known to be very beneficial in the medical world. At the moment many people use it to treat problems such as stress, anxiety and even stress induced insomnia. Since it is high in THC strain it is gives users a deep high. This high is known to eliminate pains as stubborn as chronic pain, severe migraines amongst over problems.

In addition to that, this strain is also used as an alternative treatment to increase appetite. There are many reasons why you might not be able to eat, this strain helps you increase your appetite. Lastly, the strain is also very beneficial in uplifting your mood pushing your negative thoughts to the side. This is why people prefer it as it can help you get through things that would otherwise trigger depressive episodes.



Auto Flowering Northern Light


Autoflowering Northern Light strain


The Auto Flowering Northern Light is a newer variant of the same Northern Light strain. However, it is a cross between Northern Light and Snow Storm. another ingredient thrown in the mix is Ruderalis. All three of the ingredients are known to be pretty strong. This results in great reviews from both the recreational users and people who use it for medicinal purposes.


This strain produces a more flowers in the ratio to its leaves. More importantly, since this seed is an auto flowering seed, it smoothly transitions to its flowering stage without any changes in the light routine it receives. It takes a cycle of 65 days to grow this variant. The THC count for this strain is 21% however the CBD is considered medium.



This strain of Auto-flowering Northern light is considerably very easy to cultivate as it does not demand a typical environment to grow. This strain also performs exceptionally well with training. This is probably the reason why it is extremely popular in enthusiasts who are just beginning their journey. when they are flowered indoors these seeds take around 8-9 weeks to bloom. The total time taken for a single crop is around 10-11 weeks. On the other hand if they are powered outdoors, these seeds take 10-11 weeks to flower. When these seeds are cultivated indoors they produce a yield of 500-550h/m2. If you want to cultivate it outdoors you might be able to get a yield of 40-200g/plant.


It's height stays between the ranges of 70-170 cm. It is particularly short with an impressive production of resin and crystal. The yields produced from both outdoor and indoor cultivation is quite high. The shape of the plant is what one can call slender along with thinner leaves as compared to Northern Light alone. The buds are fluffy before they are cured. It seen to be very beautiful as it resembles a snow flake with regards to the resin glands.



Strain Effects

The effects of the Auto Flowering Northern Light Seeds are strong. It is quite potent and can give you an instant result. Users have claimed that the effects are not very intense but they surely leave a trail. It gives you an out worldly experience. Just like the second most important ingredient of this storm it does induce a storm in your head. It gives you an elevated body buzz that coincides with the cerebral buzz. You may even experience a giggling euphoria. The scent of this strain can be considered more woody instead of flowery.


Once the cerebral high fades away which takes around 3 hours, the users experience a great deal of relaxation. Many users have reviewed it as deeply relaxing.



Why It Is Preferred?

This strong strain is very much in demand. Its effects include euphoria with a calm later on, reducing problems such as anxiety. Auto Flowering Northern Light are of great use in the medicinal world. its seeds are known to be of immense importance in the testing of medical marijuana. It is often suggested to people with muscle tension as an alternative treatment. In addition to that it can also help in the numbing down of chronic pain. Migraines are also one of the reasons why this strain is in high demand.


Similarly, this strain has also proven to be effective in the treatment of problems such as depression, insomnia and elevated stress levels. Doctors have also suggested people getting chemotherapy to use it as it can help induce appetite which is often completely lost after the chemotherapy treatment.



What Are The Differences Between Feminized And Auto Flowering North Light Seeds



Feminized Northern Light

Auto Flowering Northern Light



Feminized Auto Flowering


Indica With Sativa

Mostly Indica



NL x Indica/ Sativa x Ruderalis

Indoor Flowering Period

6-7 Weeks

6-8 Weeks

Outdoor Harvesting Time

September/ October

10-11 Weeks. Since you don't need any particular weather for Auto. 

Indoor Yield

600-700g/ m2

500-550 g/m2

Outdoor Yield

600g/ plant

40-200g /plant













Northern Light is a very powerful strain which has been narrowed down to two prevailing variants while the rest are lost in history. In its history of over 30 years, this strain has been able to win the vote of people everywhere. Its instant but long lasting effects are surely a force to reckon with. If you are a collector who is enthusiastic about collecting seeds of strains you should definitely check out the variety at victoryseeds. They have the highest quality of northern light to offer. With their services, you will be glad you chose them!



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