OG Kush VS Sour Diesel - Pros & Cons

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OG Kush VS Sour Diesel


Which one do you prefer, Sour Diesel or OG Kush? Or do you think they are the same? Many people are often confused and think that both strains are similar, but that is not exactly the case.


There are many differences that can be found between the two that are often ignored. The two are not only composed differently but also have different growing tendencies among other differences.


To identify the differences we must first talk about the individual characteristics of the two strains. This will help us better understand each strain and what pros and cons are there to them.



OG Kush


The OG Kush strain is native to the areas in Pakistan and other non-specified Asian areas. These seeds are available in two forms, the photoperiod feminized seed, and the auto-flowering feminized seed. The OG Kush belongs to the Indica Strain and like most Indica strains it originates from the Pakistani Hindu Kush, lemon Thai Sativa, and ChemDawg. These strains together will result in much bigger yields as compared to other strain.


The OG Kush strain is compatible with both the indoors and the outdoors. This strain can be grown easily without any additional requirements. Enthusiasts do not have to have an outdoor setup to be able to grow their OG Kush seeds. The flowering period of OG Kush ends right after the first 8 weeks. Once that time period is over you can yield around 800 grams of product per plant, which is considerably high considering other strains.


The plant itself is quite tall and is able to produce several buds. The height helps the plant produce more and more buds. This leads the plant to be unstable and if you want to grow them then you would need to provide a lot of support to ensure they are as stable as possible. The branches are strong and dense which is why they can easily break off. The bud, when enlarged are bright lime green in color. As a cultivator, you won't have to wait for the flowering period for more than 55 days. The best time to grown this strain is in October if you are growing it outside.


VS Feminised OG Kush

VS Auto OG Kush

OG Kush strain Auto OG Kush strain


However, if you are trying to grow the plant indoors you might have to ensure that the climate mimics that of the Middle East. If you want to increase your yields you can even try your hand at super cropping.


The OG Kush strain has high amounts of THC. The buds are sufficient in THC is with a whopping 24%. In addition to this, you can also find 0.23% of CBD. The genetic combination of this strain is named Lemon Thai X Pakistani. This is further crossed with ChemDawg. This genetic combination results in a lemony flavor and the buds have a Diesel aftertaste. The effects of this strain include body high. You are left tired and relaxed at the same time. You may even experience the munchies. If you are someone with a low THC tolerance, you must avoid this strain as it has a high THC tolerance.


The medical implications of this strain include easing physical pain such as body ailments, and other chronic problems. However, more effects can be seen in mental issues. For instance, this strain helps ease anxiety and depression issues. You can even address problems like bipolar disorders. The effects include inducing a trance that will get you to lose focus on any of your physical or mental ailments.


This strain hit the market in the mid-'90s and since then has been in high demand. It is very popular for its strength. The aroma of this stand is very strong, one can instantly find out if it is being used. The aroma can be described as earthy, spice, and citrus induced. The effects can be seen quite immediately. Users have described the effect as euphoria. The users have however had different accounts of what they feel. The effects differ from person to person. While some people can feel the Indica component more, there are some people who feel Sativa. Those who feel the Indica strain more are likely to experience a deeply relaxed state while the ones who experience Sativa have a high full of Euphoria. The Euphoria is heightened at the start and end of the high session.



Sour Diesel


The sour diesel strain is native to the West Coast of the United States Of America. The Sour Diesel strain is available in two different types; photoperiod, and auto-flowering feminized seed. The Sour Diesel strain is a cross between the original Diesel strain and the Northern Lights. This strain is mostly composed of Sativa. It is further on combined with Shiva and Hawaiian strains to perfect it.


Sour Diesel is very popular in California and the areas surrounding it as it has a rich smoke. The high users achieve is spectacular. It is among the staple weed choices for Californians. The plant can be grown both indoors and outdoors easily. The preferred choice is, however, indoors as that way the plat will grow to be as tall as 90-160cm on average. However, when the plant starts to flower you can expect an increase in height. The difference might not be considerably much, but it will be noticeable. The plant produces buds that are resinous. These buds become greatly aromatic when they flower.



VS Feminised Diesel Strain

VS Auto Diesel Strain

NHL Diesel strain Auto NHL Diesel



At Victory Seeds, we went one step further and decided to offer even better strain of the Diesel seeds. You can find them as NHL Diesel strains. They can be also grown indoor or outdoor.


However, when growing this strain outdoors, you might need to provide it the atmosphere you find in the Mediterranean. The strain needs a lot of sunlight to grow properly. With more sunlight, the plant will grow slightly taller. The vegetative stage for this plant lasts for 3 to 4 weeks. After this duration, the plant will enter the flowering stage. This plant flowers for a good 10 weeks. If you want to grow this strain, the best time is November.


The THC levels for this strain are high. You can find 26% of THC in it. The 2% CBD and 4% of CBN make this strain very intense. The aroma of Sour Diesel is like the haze of Diesel Gas but much more intense. The bud of this plant produces a lemony fog. The smell itself is extremely strong and pungent. Users have stated that the taste of this strain is earthy and lemony. The after-taste is more considered to be lemony.


The effects of this strain include the feeling of mental energy. The surge is astronomical. It helps people increase their productivity, which is why many people like to consume it at the start of their day. However, you might smell like a skunk. If you can put up with that this is the best energy-boosting strain you can think of. Its uses in the medicinal world include the treatment for depression and anxiety. For people who might have spent several days in bed crippled in Anxiety, this strain is the best solution.


With the help of this strain, you will be able to fight off any fatigue that you might have. This helps people deal with brain conditions and other physical ailments.














THC Content



CBD Content



Grow Difficulty

Hard, Need Mediterranean Environment 


Plant Height



Flowering Time

10 Weeks

9 Weeks

Taste & Smell




Indoor Yield (Max)



Outdoor Yield (Max)



Outdoor Harvest




Northern lights

Pakistani Hindu kush

Similar Strains

Key Lime Pie

Blue Cheese
Fire OG

Positive Effects



Mental Stimulation



Negative Effects

Dry Eyes
Dry Mouth

Dry Eyes
Dry Mouth






Mental & Physical Fatigue



OG Kush 



  • The OG Kush has a variety of properties. It will help you achieve a very powerful cerebral effect. This ensures that your brain activity increases. 
  • This strain also gives you a feeling of great euphoria. You get a feeling of calm that helps ease your brain. 
  • Many users have claimed that this strain has helped them relieve any physical pains. 
  • This plant has a better yield, and you do not have to take excessive care of the plant to grow it. 
  • Gives a long-lasting high that helps you reap the most inductive experience. 
  • The smell is not that pungent, which is why you can consume it and be on your way without anyone ever finding out. 



  • This strain has high levels of THC that can be harmful to people who have a low THC tolerance. If you still want to consume it you must ensure that you take it in moderate amounts and not as often as you would like. 
  • There are instances where people have experienced dry eyes and mouth. This is why it is very important that you hydrate yourself excessively. 
  • Users have also experienced paranoia after consuming the strain. However, the paranoia is fleeting. It won't stay that long. If such a thing happens, it is important that you calmly breathe and wait for it to pass on its own.



Sour Diesel 



  • The Sour Diesel strain is great to give your body the boost of mental energy it needs. The boost helps you get done with all the tasks you have been putting off.
  • You do not get an intoxicating haze from this strain, but it helps you feel light and full of energy.
  • Some users have also stated that the strain has helped improve creativity levels.
  • This strain also helps improve pain levels which is why this strain holds great medicinal value.
  • The taste is pleasant, which is why you won't feel disgusted or nauseous when consuming it.
  • It has a much higher level of THC content. This is why it is very effective.



  • The strain is very popular, to cause dry mouth and dry eyes. It can leave you excessively dehydrated, which is you must keep a keen look at your water levels. You must also use eye drops that will help you do keep them lubricated.
  • The intense energy boost might decrease your capacity to focus. You may be easily distracted, meaning that you will not be done with your tasks on time.
  • Paranoia is also a very common side effect in the users of Sour Diesel.
  • The high THC levels might cause you harm, which is why you must tread carefully and consume amounts that you can easily tolerate.
  • The smell is horrible and can cling to you. If you have to go somewhere, you mustn't consume it anytime soon as you might smell, and people will be able to pick on that.
  • Since the plant is tall, you might not be able to fit it indoors. You might have to make extra space to accommodate it.



These two strain are indeed very similar, but the differences are not negligible. Both the plants give you an intense high that helps you uplift your mood. The TCH levels in both strains are considerably higher than in other strain. Even the smells have a similar earthy odor. In addition to that, the indoor yield is almost the same for both plants.


If you are intrigued and want to get your hands on any of the OG Kush strain, such as the Auto OG Kush and Feminized OG Kush, you must visit our online store. You can also find the NHL Diesel and other strains of the highest quality.




Disclaimer: All our blog articles are for informational and theoretical purposes only and do not encourage or illustrate the actual state, cultivation or use of cannabis substances.

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