Top 6 list of Strongest and the best Strains of Sativa [2021]

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Top 6 list of Strongest and the best Strains of Sativa in 2021


Do you know which are the strongest and the best strains of Sativa? Let's dive in!


It is no secret that Cannabis is becoming more and more popular. Whether for its medicinal or recreational purposes, more and more people are becoming curious about it. Legalisation, or at least debate about it, is knocking on the front doors of almost every developed country.


Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica are two species of “the“ Cannabis. In this article, we have gathered some of the best Sativa strains and their descriptions. At the end of this article, we will explain and provide you some information about Cannabis Sativa and the differences from Indica.


Please note that the list below is sorted randomly, Nr. 7 could be for example your first pick for the Best Sativa Strain.


Nr. 1 Strongest Sativa Strain - Amnesia Haze


Amnesia Haze bud raised from Victory Seeds


It is a very complicated genetic cross, between Southeast Asian, Jamaican Haze and Afghani-Hawaiian genetics. This mixture provided an amazing sativa strain rich in THC with quick flowering time and amazing taste. As a result, this strain has taken the glory and won many different cannabis contests.


Growing Amnesia Haze might present as a challenge, because it takes up to 13 weeks to finish flowering. But at the end of the day, it is absolutely worth it. The plant itself can produce up to 1000 to 1500 grams of yield when grown outdoors, and around 800 grams per square meter when grown indoors. The buds can contain up to 25 % of THC and have amazing citrusy and earthy aromas.


Nr. 2 Best Sativa Strain - Amnesium


Amnesium strain


This strain has been winning cups for many years and has been the #1 pick in coffee shops in Holland. It is a mix between the famous Haze and Northern Lights. Its speciality is quick and productive flowering. It produces very sweet buds with a large amount of resin crystals with THC content around 23 %. The harvest is a little bit smaller from previously mentioned strain – it produces around 550 grams per square meter, but the final product is absolutely amazing.


Nr. 3 Best Sativa - Blow Dream


Blow Dream Sativa best strain


This one is one of the favourites in California. It has taken its place among the top ten of the most popular strains. This indicates the quality of this wonderful strain. The flowering period is a little bit shorter; around 9 weeks, when grown indoors, producing around 800 grams per square meter.


Outdoors, it is ready to be harvested in the September or October and it can produce up to 1500 grams per plant. Users usually describe the taste as sweet, tangy, lemony and earthy. The buds contain medium amount of CBD and almost 24 % of THC. The plant on itself is usually fast growing and wider, than other sativas, making it more useful for commercial purposes.


Nr. 4 - Jack Hammer


Jack Hammer Victory Seeds strain


Another multiple cup winner that is probably one of the most special strains out there. It is named after the world famous global hemp activist and the author of the most informative book on hemp and cannabis, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes“. It is a beautiful mixture between Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze.


This mixture, resulting in Jack Hammer, provides good yields, heavy and juicy buds, that can contain around 20 % of THC with strong peppery aromas combined with fruity hints. Indoors, flowering period ends after 8 to 10 weeks and provides around 600 grams per square meter. Outdoors, harvest time is around October, and it can produce up to 1000 grams per plant.


Nr. 5 Best Strain of Sativa - AK-77V


AK 77-v best Sativa strain


This strain has gained its popularity because it is pretty easy to grow compared to other sativas. The plant can reach around 70 to 180 centimetres in height.


The flowering period ends after 8 to 9 weeks. It can produce around 600 grams per square metres when grown indoors, and around 250 gram per plant when grown outdoors. The buds are compact and not too leafy, covered in crystals that can contain around 25 % of THC.


Nr. 6 Best Strain - Chocodope


Chocodope Victory Seeds strain


This strain is usually grows bigger in size than others. Indoors, flowering period ends after 9 to 10 weeks, producing around 550 grams per square meter. Outdoors, it is ready to be harvested around late September or early October and it produces around 600 grams per plant. Chocodope is known for its special aromas, that are fruity with chocolate aftertaste. Buds, that contain around 19 % of THC, have won multiple awards as sativa dominant strain.



What is Sativa and how to identify it?

Cannabis sativa originates from the warmer parts of the world. It has first been found in Southeast Asia and Central and South America. As a result, Sativa tends to develop better in warmer weather.


Throughout the history, sativa has been used the most for its sturdy fibre, nutritious seeds and oil. Sativa strains have a distinct terpene profile, that can come off a little bit pungent. The aroma of those terpenes is fruity, citrus, sweet and earthy, sometimes it can also be piney or peppery.


The plant on itself is usually taller and narrower, but the outside looks do not in any way impact the potency of buds – they are very rich in THC and CBD. Sativa plants usually have narrower leaves than Indica, and they are less bushy.



Sativa strains characteristics:

Sativa strains usually contain less percentage of CBD, and higher doses of THC. It provides a stimulating “mind high“,  meaning you will not feel as sleepy and tired as you would using indica. The feeling is usually more energizing, inspiring and euphoric, reducing anxiety. The “mind high“ can promote creativeness, socialization and productivity.


Because of those effects, sativa is suitable for daytime and night-time use, because it does not stop you from performing almost any kind of activity. Of course, this depends from one person to another.


On the contrary some strains of sativa may cause anxiety or paranoia in people that have had previous issues with those conditions. For medical uses, sativa is often used to combat depression, eating disorders and many other conditions, but it is not recommended to be used on patients with anxiety and insomnia.




Sativa vs Indica

Sativa and Indica plants differ not only in their appearance, but also in the overall effects. While sativa, as mentioned above, is usually tall and narrow, indica plants are shorter, bushier, the leaves are wider, and over all – it looks “chunkier“.


The main difference is probably their medical and overall effect on people. While sativa in more uplifting and provides “mind high“, indica is better known for its “body high“. The “body high“ is usually felt in the decrease of energy, making a person sleepier. Medically, indica is usually used for pain and inflammation, making it the best choice (from the two) for patients with cancer, arthritis and similar conditions. Indica is also a great appetite stimulator.


Another difference results from the different types of terpenes each sort produces. Indica strains tend to have musty, earthy and skunky aromas, when on the other hand sativas tend to have sweet, spicy and fruity aromas.



Is Sativa the right pick for me and how to choose the best strain?

If you have found yourself reading through the article and thought to yourself “This must be nice“, “I want to try that“ or “those are the exact effects from Cannabis that I’m looking for“, you probably will not regret picking sativa. But it is still recommended to be cautious if have struggled with anxiety or insomnia. When picking a strain also be cautious of THC content, depending on how well you tolerate it.


In conclusion, sativa strains are a better choice for daytime users. They give uplifting and euphoric high, making you more creative and productive. In comparison to indica, sativa is a taller and narrower plant, that has more fruity aromas.


At the end of the day, the choice is yours. Which one do you prefer? Sativa or indica? Please answer in the comments down below, and do not forget to add your favourite Victory seeds strain ;)


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