When to harvest Auto Amnesia Haze?

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When to harvest Auto Amnesia Haze



Are you a fan of Auto Amnesia Haze? Or would you like to grow it and you're wondering when to harvest Auto Amnesia Haze? It doesn't matter if you grow it indoor or outdoor, we covered both in the article below. Let's dive in...



What is Auto Amnesia Haze


Amnesia Haze Auto also Amnesia Haze Automatic, belongs to the Amnesia lineage, yet contrary to sativas like Amnesia, is a fast-growing cultivar. It takes the seed about 10 weeks (it takes sativas 12 weeks on average to flower and sometimes 20 weeks to finish bloom) to develop into a fully grown plant, which is ready to be harvested. This is why this strain of Amnesia Haze is perfect for home growers, especially indoor growers; its' smaller height and relatively fast grow time is a favourable combination. The plant also retains the well-known classic Amnesia flavour and effect.



Growing Amnesia Haze vs Auto Amnesia Haze


There are many similarities growing Amnesia Haze fem version or auto version when it comes to the growing method, watering, fertilizers and other. But the main difference will be, that autoflowering version will have a quicker and shorter life cycle. This means the harvest will also be sooner. There's also a difference in yield and height which we covered in another article.


Amnesia Haze strain   Auto Amnesia Haze strain



When to harvest Amnesia Haze Autoflower?


Similarly to the original Amnesia, this variety of the plant grows vigorously and offers generous yields of hazey, high-quality flowers. But is is important to know, how and when to harvest amnesia haze auto.


The plant should be flushed thoroughly at least one week before harvest and should be continually flushed, so the excess nutrients from the soil are washed out of it. After that, the mature flowers are harvested. The buds of auto amnesia haze are ready for harvest when around half of the pistils become a dark orange colour, and most of the trichomes show an opaque milky colour or become amber, depending on whether you want a complete or more corporal effect.


Only when they are not see-through anymore, will they be at their full potential. The trichomes should not be clear, when you harvest the plant, as they are not developed at that point.



When to harvest Amnesia Haze Auto indoor?


The Amnesia Haze Auto is ready for harvest indoor after 10-12 weeks after planting. This time frame is bigger than most autoflowering varieties because of its sativa genetics. For the plant to mature and be ready for harvest indoors, it will take approximately 80 to 85 days, which is about 12 weeks after sprouting.


Amnesia Haze Automatic can reach the height between 50 and 100 centimetres, with large, thin leaves, and long buds. It can produce from 350g up to 400g per square meter inside in optimal conditions, which puts her on the higher-yielding end of the spectrum for an autoflower. The plant likes to be fed well, but you should be cautious of overfeeding her, because the Haze varieties can be sensitive to nutrients. It can be flowered at any photoperiod between 12 and 18 hours of light per day with 12-14 weeks of total crop time.


Auto Amnesia Haze indoor



When to harvest Amnesia Haze Auto outdoor?


If planted outdoors, the plant will be fully grown and prepared for harvest in a similar time frame to those planted indoors. Amnesia Haze Auto can be harvested after 10-12 weeks with 12-14 weeks of total crop time. Plants grown outdoors in containers or garden beds grow to a slightly taller height of 100–120cm and produce anywhere between 130–180g per plant depending on space and sunlight exposure.


Amnesia Haze Auto can be flowered any time of the year, if the temperature stays above 10°C, and this is why it is recommended to growers living in a hot climate growing outdoors, where this plant can take off in height and produce bigger yields.





Auto Amnesia Haze is amazing cross between sativa and ruderalis. It can be beautifully grown outdoor and indoor. Hopefully learning about the harvest time will help you grow beautiful plants and get the most of it to enjoy in a euphoric high and spicy, sweet taste as the original Amnesia, but with a much shorter harvest time. 






Disclaimer: All our blog articles are for informational and theoretical purposes only and do not encourage or illustrate the actual state, cultivation or use of cannabis substances.

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